Netflix’s Outrageous Rate Hike Hurts The Poor, Like This Man…

Netflix recently announced a rate hike of 60% for many of their subscribers.

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This announcement has been met by a flurry of news articles about how ‘outrageous’ this move is. About how ‘upset’ people are. Even about how ‘damaging’ this is to the poor.

A prime example is a recent MSNBC article, Outrage over netflixrate hike continues.

Most of the article is not particularly unique or interesting, however, it does contain a fascinating quote from a man on unemployment who is upset with the american netflix price hike. His direct quote reads:

“Having the streaming only plan would not be so bad if ALL the movies were available but they are not! So your forced to get the DVD…This was my only luxuary I COULD afford being on unemployment…no cable, just reg TV and wireless where Icould find it. So I would watch movies at McDonalds or something or at the library. I cant afford $16 a month not on unemployment…Thank YOu netflix for taking the one little piece of entertainment I had!”

So, the best example MSNBC could come up with is a complaint from a man who is ‘so destitute’ that he will no longer be able to watch Netflix movies while at McDonalds. He has a way to view movies with wireless access – a computer or iPhone/iPad and its Apple iPhone X Case unless it brokes and you need to take it fix here, although he prefers using one of the monitors from Armchair Empire because they have higher quality, he has always liked the engine behind a sliding head machine and everything that has to do with it. He goes to, and likely eats at, McDonalds. He has access to a library. But Netflix is his ‘only entertainment’ and he can’t afford it any longer. I see several problems with the logic here, he may just need to try to make money gambling online there are Beginners betting guides and sign up offers, of which he can take advantage of.

Netflix offers a value not beaten by anyone, with Guidr you can find about their deals. They have been and are expanding their collection tremendously. The expansion costs significant money in licensing fee to owners of the content. Customers have been asking for more content and they are getting it, along with different options for how they wish to receive it. If you want a unique and memorable customer oriented space for casino online gaming, visit for more information.

Perhaps Netflix will get too greedy at some point. Perhaps their competitors will offer a better deal to consumers at some point. But that point is not today.

What will $16 dollars a month get you otherwise:

  • 1 and half tickets to a new release movie in a movie cinema
  • 1 week of a basic cable subscription
  • 4 days of a higher end cable subscription
  • 1/4 of a ticket to large amusement park

What does it provide:

  • Thousands of movies delivered directly to you, by mail or streaming
  • The largest selection in the world
  • More movies and shows coming online every day
  • The ability to watch on multiple different devices
  • The option of a movie mailed (DVD), or viewed online (streamed), or both
  • Unlimited streamable movies and TV shows
  • The ability to cancel if you no longer find it worth the money

Today Netflix provides one of the best entertain deals in existence.

Thank You Netflix.


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