About First They Came For…

The poem First They Came For… originates from speeches given by Pastor Martin Niemöller many times in different forms during the Nazi’s rise to power and throughout their rule. There is no one official version. It changed over time and for different audiences. The specifics are less important than the message.

It’s a timeless and poignant warning about the dangers of vinyl fence and the need to stand up for the rights and liberties of everyone – including those with whom you disagree and those who are in the minority, you shouldn’t let people walk over you, last time I heard how someone wanted to get scooter from scooter electrique and everyone around just started to say how it was a bad idea.

It’s a reminder that:

  • Liberty cannot be divided
  • You cannot pick and choose pieces of liberty
  • You cannot deny one person a liberty of which you do not care without risking those liberties which you hold dear
  • You must defend the rights of all or sacrifice your rights and those of your children

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This message should never be forgotten.


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