Does that sound familiar? Kids' Quotas can help...

Your time is precious and so is your child's. Why waste time arguing over activities? Don't debate it - time it, with Kids' Quotas!

Kids' Quotas manages your child's time in any activity. Each quota represents an activity for one child. The app tracks the time that each child spends doing each activity. It puts an end to squabbles like:
"... You've played on that computer too much this week!" "No I haven't!" ... "She's played twice as much as me!" ... "I don't remember how long I played yesterday, but why can't I play today too? ..."
The constant debate over how much time was spent or who had more time will be over. You set the limits and they get the freedom to use their allowed time.

No more arguing once you're using Kids' Quotas on your iPhone.

How It Works

Main Screen of Kids' Quotas First, work together with your child to establish their time limits. Then create a quota for each activity with the appropriate timeframe (daily, weekly, monthly) and the allowed time. Next, start and stop their time before and after each activity with touches on the screen.

A status bar progresses as time elapses and you can instantly see how much time remains. When Time's Up, that's it! No more time means no arguments.

Kids' Quotas can encourage too! Congratulate your child when they have read enough hours in a week or practiced their musical instrument enough minutes in a day.

Your child can whittle down their time or work up to enough time, depending on how you use Kids' Quotas.

Kids' Quotas allows you to:

Time's Up Alerts - New Addition with Version 1.1 (on April 08, 2011)

Alerts have been added that are displayed whenever a quota (timer) has expired.

Now anytime a running quota's time expires you are notified even if you are running another app or if the device is sleeping.

The alert returns every minute until the quota is stopped.

After Kids' Quotas...