Atlantis IconAtlantis - Fact, Fiction or Exaggeration?

The story of Atlantis begins quite literally with two of Plato's dialogues, Timaeus and Critias. These accounts are the only known written records which refer specifcally to a lost civilization called Atlantis. Many people believe the tale to be complete fiction, the creation of a philosopher's imagination used to illustrate an argument. Others believe that the story was inspired by catastrophic events which may have destroyed the Minoan civilization on Crete and Thera. Still others maintain that the story is an accurate representation of a long lost and almost completely forgotten land.

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Enigma Articles


  • The Story of Atlantis
  • Plato - a brief biography and listing of links where his writings can be found
  • Timaeus and Critias - summary and complete translation of both Timaeus and Critias
  • Vital Statistics - Key Facts - from Plato regarding size and position
  • Where in the world is Atlantis? - see where Atlantis may have been based upon the two most prominent theories: The Atlantic Ocean or the Greek island of Thera.
  • Theories - fact, fiction, exaggeration
  • Timeline - important dates in the legend of and search for Atlantis


  • Mediagraphy - lists and reviews of books, magazines, videos, etc. on Atlantis and related topics
  • Links - lists and reviews of on-line sources of information about Atlantis and related topics
  • Contacts - people and organizations involved with Atlantis and related topics


  • 9000 BC - Cataclysm destroys Atlantis (based on Plato's writings)
  • 1500 BC - Volcanic eruption destroys Thera and possibly brings an end to the Minoan civilization
  • 360 BC - Plato writes Timaeus and Critias
  • 1882 - Atlantis - The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly is released
  • 1924 - The Problem of Atlantis by Lewis Spence is released
  • 1960 - A. G. Galanopoulos discoveres the ruins of ancient cities on Thera
  • 1968 - The Bimini Wall is discovered
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