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2 Star RatingAtlantis: The Antediluvian WorldDonnelly, Ignatius1882Buy It!
Classic work that started much of the modern day interest in Atlantis. 
1 Star RatingAtlantis: The Eighth ContinentBerlitz, Charles1984Buy It!
1 Star RatingEdgar Cayce on AtlantisCayce, Edgar1968Buy It!
Includes much of the standard information about Atlantis. The interesting parts are related to Cayce's readings about Atlantis and two of his predications of discoveries to come. An interesting read. 
0 Star RatingLost AtlantisBramwell, James1938 
0 Star RatingAtlantisFerro, Robert and Michael Grumley1970 
0 Star RatingVoyage to AtlantisMavor, James W. Jr.1969 
0 Star RatingSecret of AtlantisMuck 
0 Star RatingTimaeus and CritiasPlato (translated by Desmond Lee)1971 
Complete versions of Timaeus and Critias with some notes. Plus an appendix on Atlantis 
0 Star RatingAtlantis - Fact or FictionRamage 
0 Star RatingAtlantis: The Seven SealsSimon, Zoltan1984 
0 Star RatingThe Problem of Atlantis (re-released as Atlantis Discovered)Spence, Lewis1924Buy It!
0 Star RatingThe Stones of AtlantisZink, Dr. David1978 
Details the exploration of the Bimini Wall and surrounding areas. 

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