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Nostradamus Area2 Star Rating

Contains all of his quatrains in French and English, a biography, and analysis of many of his prophecies. A nicely designed, complete site.

A List of Resources for Nostradamus Research0 Star Rating

Indexed version of all the quatrains available in their original French along with an old French dictionary and French-English dictionary. There is an excellent FAQ on this site as well some more interpretations of quatrains. Make sure you check out the Pentium Bug Prediction.

gopher://skynet.usask.ca:70/1nostradamus/nostradamus.700 Star Rating

This was a gopher site with Nostradamus information but recently it hasn't been available.

In Defense of Nostradamus0 Star Rating

No response recently - this site may have disappeared.

Kevin's Internet Encyclopedia on Nostradamus0 Star Rating

Just pointers to other sites on the net.

Nostradamus0 Star Rating

A fairly complete site with listings of all the quatrains in both French and English, a biography, and FAQ. The focus of this site in on the apocalyptic predictions and interpretation by Dolores Cannon.

Prophecies/Future (by Goro Adachi)0 Star Rating

Analysis of prophecies based mainly on the books "Conversations With Nostradamus" (vol.I-III) written by a regressionist (hypnotist), Dolores Cannon.

The Nostradamus Link0 Star Rating

Some more interpretations of the quatrains.

News Groups

Usenet "alt.prophecies.nostradamus" newsgroup0 Star Rating

A forum for the discussion of the prophecies of Nostradamus.

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