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Are we alone?

Is anyone talking?

Is anyone listening?

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is a quest to answer one of life's most intriguing questions: Are we alone in the universe?

Yes or no, either answer will have tremendous implications for mankind.

Should the answer turn out to be YES, we are alone, then our race would be placed in a position of being the only creatures in existence capable of exploring such questions. We would be the supreme and only intelligence in the cosmos. A staggering thought.

If the answer turns out to be NO, we are not alone, then who else is out there? What are they like? What knowledge do they have? How do they act towards other races? What are their philosophies, sciences, and arts? The questions are endless, as are the possibilities.

We have the technology to communicate over vast distances - millions of lights years. We are capable of sending and receiving radio signals across the vast expanses of space. Actually we have been sending them for over half a century. All radio, television, and radar signals from Earth leak out into space and spread across the galaxy.

Perhaps some other advanced civilization has detected our signals and is now sending their own in an attempt at communication. The only way we'll know is to look and to listen.

That is exactly the premise behind SETI (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). The idea is to listen, using radio telescopes, for radio emissions from other worlds.

Come and listen with us.



  • What is SETI?
  • The History of SETI - brief descriptions of all searches which have taken place.
  • Frank Drake 's Biography - read about the life and career of the "Father of SETI." The first man to listen for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations and a driving force in the search for over 30 years.
  • The Drake Equation - try your hand at determining how many civilizations there are in the Milky Way that may be trying to communicate.
  • How can we commuicate without a common language?
  • Timeline - key moments in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence


  • Mediagraphy - lists and reviews of books, magazines, videos, etc. on SETI and related topics
  • Links - lists and reviews of on-line sources of information about SETI and related topics
  • Contacts - people and organizations involved with SETI and related topics


  • 1930 - Frank Drake Born - May 28, 1930.
  • 1931 - Radio Astronomy "discovered" by Bell Labs physicist Karl Jansky.
  • 1959 - First proposal to look - Cocconi and Morrision
  • 1960 - Frank Drake begins Project Ozma, the first search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Two stars, Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani are observed for two weeks.
  • 1961 - Drake Equation is created for the first SETI conference.
  • 1967 - Discovery of pulsars cause false alarm
  • 1971 - First international SETI conference is held at the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory in Armenia, USSR.
  • 1972 - Pioneer 10 & 11 sent with plaque
  • 1977 - Voyager 1 & 2 sent with discs
  • 1977 - The WOW signal detected
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