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The Lunar Institute of Technology - School of Exo-Science and Alien Studies (SESAS)2 Star Rating

Very interesting site that deals with many aspects of the potential for exterterrestrial life and the investigation into it. If you really want to test your brain power checkout their Contact Project. This is a "sample" message from an alien civilization. Your goal is to figure out what it means.

NASA Exobiology Branch0 Star Rating

The site is currently being expanded. Research papers in exobiology are currently available.

Project Bambi0 Star Rating

Project BAMBI (Bob And Mike's Big Investment) is an amateur SETI search setup by Bob Lash and Mike Fremont. This link contains information about their setup as well as their e-mail address for those with questions.

Project SERENDIP0 Star Rating

SETI search conducted by The UC Berkeley SETI Program. SERENDIP (Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent is being piggybacked on the 1,000 foot dish at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, the largest radio telescope in the world.

SETI Bulletin Board0 Star Rating

A bulletin board on the Cleveland Free-Net computer system which can be accessed over the Internet. Its goals consist of generating public interest and support for SETI , informing people about SETI news and views, providing opportunities for SETI discussion and expression, creating a sense of SETI community among its users, promoting a healthy questioning attitude toward the Universe, and stimulating young people and adults to think and wonder. The board relies on volunteer user support to contribute SETI-related electronic information. It provides an area for unmoderated open discussion, and a moderated "SETI Philosopher's Corner" where members may submit essays, reviews, articles, poetry, and creative writing. Anyone can submit information to the SETI board by e-mailing to: xx029@cleveland.freenet.edu.

SETI League Vision and Mission Statement0 Star Rating

A membership-supported, non-profit organization dedicated to the electromagnetic Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. The league encourages independant research by individuals through backyard searches as well as coordinated searches using the world's larger radio telescopes. If you are interested in setting up your own search this is the best place to go. They have lots of technical information and help available. The site includes background on SETI, articles, links to members' home pages and membership information.

SETIQuest® - The Magazine of SETI and Bioastronomy0 Star Rating

Magazine for professional and amateur astronomers interested in SETI.

The Planetary Society0 Star Rating

An organization dedicated to space and space exploration. Site covers a wide variety of topics, including debate about SETI and two projects, META and BETA, currently being run at Harvard.

The SETI Institute0 Star Rating

An organization dedicated to research about life in the universe in general with an emphasis on SETI. They are currently running Project Phoenix, the world's most comprehensive and sensitive SETI program.

The SETI Module - Syracuse University0 Star Rating

A course on SETI at Syracuse University.

News Groups

Usenet "rec.radio.amateur.space" newsgroup0 Star Rating

A forum for discussion about amateur radio transmissions through space.

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