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0 Star Rating"Searching for the Real ET"Adler, Jerry0 
0 Star Rating"The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence."Sagan, Carl and Frank Drake0 


3 Star RatingIs Anyone Out There?Drake, Frank and Dava Sobel1992Buy It!
A captivating firsthand account of SETI by the man who started it all. Frank Drake displays a genuine excitement and enthusiasm for his work and its possibilities. Truly informative and enjoyable reading. 
3 Star RatingThe Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Listening for Life in the CosmosMcDonough, Thomas R.1987 
Great introduction to SETI. Covers all aspects: history, theory, and current searches. Out of Print. 
3 Star RatingContactSagan, Carl1985Buy It!
Science Fiction - Fascinating story about a first contact situation involving the receipt of a radio message from another civilization which contains instructions for building a craft to visit them 
2 Star RatingFirst Contact - The Search for Extraterrestrial IntelligenceBova, Ben and Preiss, Byron - Editors1990 
A collection of essays from writers and scientists dealing with the theory of and search for life on other worlds. Includes essays from Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, and Frank Drake Out of Print 
0 Star RatingProject CyclopsBillingham, John1971 
0 Star RatingThe Galactic ClubBracewell, Ronald N1976 
0 Star RatingThe Creation of the Universe - Revised EditionGamov, George1961 
0 Star RatingThe Search for Life on Other WorldsHolmes, David C1966 
0 Star RatingLooking at the Invisible UniverseJesperson, James and Jane Fitz-Randolph1990 
0 Star RatingBig Ear TwoKraus, John1995 
0 Star RatingRadio Astronomy, 2nd editionKraus, John1986 
0 Star RatingWhispers from SpaceMacvey, John W. 
0 Star RatingThe Search for Extraterrestrial IntelligenceMorrison, Philip, John Billingham and John Wolfe, editors1977 
0 Star RatingWe Are Not AloneSullivan, Walter1964 
0 Star RatingSETI PioneersSwift, David1990 


0 Star RatingSETIQuest (quarterly)Helmers Publishing, Inc.0 
174 Concord Street, Peterborough NH 03459. 
0 Star RatingSETI News (quarterly)SETI Institute0 
2035 Landings Drive, Mountain View CA 94043 
0 Star RatingSearchLites (quarterly)The SETI League, Inc.0 
P.O. Box 555, Little Ferry NJ 07643. 

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