One man’s struggle with his realization of how power corrupts and his choice on how to deal with it.

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You can also view the movie at the MovieStorm site.

How It Was Made

Reborn is the first movie I have ever made. It was made using MovieStorm software. MovieStorm is a complete animated movie creation package that enables one person to create sophisticated animated movies. You can find more information on the MovieStorm About Page.

It was created as an entry into the MovieStorm – Domestic Drama 01 competition. Because I was trying to show off MovieStorm I made the decision to NOT use external programs for editing or post production. The only external programs that I used were GIMP, for creation of some of the images in the picture frames, and Audacity, for audio cleanup. Otherwise, the entire movie including the final cutting was done with MovieStorm.

I was fortunate to have a friend, Matt Fitzgibbons, who has written two great albums, Patriot and Patriot 2, with songs that fit perfectly with the movie. Matt was gracious enough to let me use his songs in Reborn. You can find Matt’s albums at

The entire movie was created on a single Dell laptop with the following specifications:

  • Dell Inspiron 6400
  • 1.83 GHz Intel processor
  • 2 GB ram
  • Windows XP
  • NVidia GeForce Go 7300 w/ 256 MB Video Ram
  • 80 GB Hard drive
  • 1280 x 800 15.4′ LCD screen
  • Logitech USB-based headset with microphone

The final version of the movie was rendered at 1280 x 720 pixels and 25 fps (frames per second).

The entire production took about 80 hours to complete – start to finish.

Why It Was Made

Government, and therefore politics, is about power and force. Few ‘representatives’ in Washington are interested in protecting my liberty, instead they are interested in using the force of government to promote their agendas.

If I wanted to argue from a purely US based political basis I would ask:

Do you believe in the concept of enumerated powers? Are there actual limits set forth by the US Constitution that limit the scope of what the federal government can do?

If you do believe in enumerated powers then it is impossible to honestly look at the federal government and believe they are obeying it – the Constitution is Dead from their standpoint.

If you do not believe in enumerated powers and believe that  ‘the necessary and proper‘ and ‘commerce clauses‘ essentially give the federal government carte-blanche then there is no need for the Constitution. There is no need for a limiting document. Again, it is dead.

The US Constitution is one of the greatest documents ever created. However, an argument can be made that  it is fatally flawed, that it needs to be redone and the flaws fixed in an attempt to prevent the abuse and intrusiveness of government.

However, arguing from a purely legal view is not my only point, or the point of the main character in the movie.

He is taking his questioning a step further back, not to what the law should be, but to a more fundamental question: What is the basis of proper human interaction?

His starting point is shown at the end of the movie.

‘All Human Interaction Should Be Voluntary’

You may agree or disagree. However, if you disagree then you must acknowledge that ‘Some Human Interaction Will Not Be Voluntary’ or better ‘Some Humans By Definition and Necessity Must Force Other Humans To Act Against Their Will’

How the protagonist progresses from here is unknown, but will be discovered in future movies.


Written and Produced By:

  • Bradley Keyes

Voices By:

  • Bradley Keyes
  • Margot Keyes

Music By:

  • Matthew Fitzgibbons – Patriot Music
    • Patriot
      • ‘Just A Whisper’
      • ‘How I Feel’
    • Patriot 2 – A Celebration of Liberty
      • ‘In Deo Speramus’

Created Using:

Additional Creative Software:

  • The Gimp – free software for image manipulation
  • Audacity – free software for sound editing

Sounds Provided By:

  • The Free Sound Project
    • Slanesh – Fireplace sounds – Feu .wav
      • fresco – Door Open and Close – 35617_fresco_open_and_close_wooden_door_by_fresco
      • samplecat – box close sound – open gelbox3.WAV
      • kante – Glock loading sound – glock_loading.wav
      • Halleck – Party Crowd sound – crowd-16.flac
      • datasoundsample – Glass shattering sound – glass shatter.wav

Special thanks to my wife for interior design, voice, GIMP, and moral support

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