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About First They Came For…

The poem First They Came For… originates from speeches given by Pastor Martin Niemöller many times in different forms during the Nazi’s rise to power and throughout their rule. There is no one official version. It changed over time and … Continue reading

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First They Came For…Variations

The poem changed over time. Pastor Niemöller appeared to tailor it to his audience, removing some groups and adding others. The variations below are numbered just for reference. There is no reason for their ordering and none are more or … Continue reading

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First They Came For…

A short ebooklet focused on the famous poem First They Came For… written by Pastor Martin Niemöller during WWII warning about the creeping tyranny of the Nazis. Learn about the poem, it’s many variations, and the man who wrote the words.

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First They…

A collection of poems inspired by the First They Came For… written by Pastor Martin Niemöller during WWII. The poem warns against the creeping nature of facism and tyranny, and the need to guard against them by defending all whose liberties are … Continue reading

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Reborn by Bradley Keyes (Active Mind Studios)

One man’s struggle with his realization of how power corrupts and his choice on how to deal with it.

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