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First They… Lewis and hte Inner Circle Maybe movies and books…dystopian… Here is one place I disagree with Ayn Rands view of art…to inspire definitely but the warnings are important as a teaching tool…. how to link into Liberty too … Continue reading

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Coming Soon…

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My Apps

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Oak Island

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All around the world there are tales of fortunes – sunken, buried, hidden – waiting for the right person to stumble across them and become rich……Some dedicate their lives some loose them…..

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Lost Civilizations

Explore the legends of the lands of Atlantis…

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The Most Beautiful Thing

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Active Mind Directory

The Active Mind Directory sites for curious minds…. Bradley Keyes Consulting expert software and web development servicesConsulting and contracting in web site developmenet, database design and architecture, iPhone and web apps, WordPress sites, ebook creation, and more.With a special focus … Continue reading

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Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo INformaiton and links ot all the books, reviews, etc

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