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Netflix’s Outrageous Rate Hike Hurts The Poor, Like This Man…

Netflix recently announced a rate hike of 60% for many of their subscribers. This announcement has been met by a flurry of news articles about how ‘outrageous’ this move is. About how ‘upset’ people are. Even about how ‘damaging’ this … Continue reading

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Parents Decide – Educational Choice Videos

The folks over at and eHomeRemedies have put together a few videos meant to further to cause of getting the government out of education and putting the choice and responsibility back into the hands of the parents. Some parents are … Continue reading

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Non-Aggression Principle Song and Video by Liberation Animation

Here’s a wonderful, short animation created by Dan at Liberation Animation which provides a simple yet humorous overview of the non-aggression principle. It’s so simple most children can understand it. Why can’t most adults? Seu browser não suporta iframes. If you … Continue reading

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Matt Fitzgibbons – “They Can’t Take That Away From You”

I met Matt Fitzgibbons at the 2005 PorcFest where he was playing songs from and selling his album Patriot. I talked with him and his friend, the album’s guitarist, Gene for hours. Having always loved music but having never learned to … Continue reading

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If Not Now…When?

I hear and read about the problems, the negatives, everywhere. Governments are tyrannical and bankrupt; jobs are gone; the economy is broken. Crime is rampant you’ll be always on need of criminal lawyers but you can just book a consultation with … Continue reading

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What’s an RSS Feed? and How Can it Help You?

Do you have web sites that you read often and don’t want to miss an article? Would you like to be notified of anything new rather than having to check back again and again? Do you sometimes lose track of … Continue reading

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I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to add your comments to any of the Thoughts Note: the first comment from any given email address will not show up right away since it will require manual moderation. Subsequent comments … Continue reading

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Photo and Artwork Credits Active Mind Thoughts Banner Background is DaVinci’s Study of a Tuscan Landscape Closeup of The Thinker by Brian Hillegas First Thought Bubble is The Temple of Triumph by Frederick C. Gibson

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Welcome to Active Mind Thoughts, This is my site for writing about many of the topics that interest me. They’ll range from liberty to family to programming to art to any number of other topics. A little about me. I … Continue reading

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First They…Children – v2

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