Infinity Squad by Shuvom Ghose – Review

Part of the Art of Liberty Series.

I thoroughly enjoyed Infinity Squad.

Based on the premise of Earth’s military forces trying to tame and colonize a foreign planet while battling with dominant indigenous life form – Hell-spiders – Infinity Squad’s big sci-fi hook is that the humans have the capability of resurrecting their dead soldiers into cloned bodies – most of the time.

The characters, enjoyable and infuriating, are constantly required to make quick decisions and to live, or die, as a consequence. The storyline never stops moving.  There are plenty of twists to keep it interesting and to keep the reader wondering what’s going to happen next. The dialogue is crisp and readable, witty and humorous, and occassionally macabre – most notably when one of the main characters chooses to feed his previous body to the enemy spider.

Shuvom has done an excellent job teasing out the implications of having a military capable of regenerating its soldiers, and it’s these implications played out logically that really drive the story.

There is obviously some violence in the book – it is about an attempted military conquest of an alien planet. The cursing from the characters can be a bit heavy at times, and the story is spiced with sexual innuendo, but it all fits with the context of the story.

That’s what’s best about Infinity Squad, the story comes first. It’s entertaining, and it’s well worth the read.

Though Infinity Squad is centered around the military, the story is strongly anti-authoritarian. It’s not an outwardly libertarian book; there is little preaching. However, there are numerous one-liners and quips that should make liberty lovers smile, like:

“Forbidden are laws that benefit one group more than the rest, or ones that dictate what an adult may do inside his own cave.”


“Can’t I OD on weed or something?”…. “No one dies from that,”

The protagonists have to stand up for what they believe is right, against a brutal authority. I found myself not only liking but rooting for the characters that Shuvom has created.

If he can sell 1,000 copies, Shuvom has said he’ll write sequel. So please buy a copy and enjoy. I want to see what happens next to the members of Infinity Squad.

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