Bradley Keyes Consulting

Welcome to Bradley Keyes Consulting

Are you…

  • trying to get your small business setup on the web?
  • looking for help developing a database-driven web site or intranet?
  • hoping to catch the iPhone wave by creating an app for your customers or your business?
  • wanting to make your current web site more interactive? faster? cleaner?
  • trying to find a solution to your business’ computer needs?

I can help!

I have over 25 years experience doing software projects ranging from iPhone apps to heart-lung machine design. I specialize in finding long-term solutions to users’ specific needs.

My skills cover:

  • Web Site and Intranet design and development
    • PHP expertise
    • Javascript
    • HTML5
    • WordPress setup, theming, and plugins
  • iPhone app development
  • Web App creation
  • Databases
    • All aspects of design from architecture, tables design, stored procedures, queries, views, tuning
    • SQL Server and Access design and development
    • MySQL
  • Systems architecture
  • Windows application development
  • eBook publishing
  • Perl scripting and tools
  • Web site hosting

Please give me a call or send me an email, and let me help you find solutions to make your business and systems work the way you want them to.


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