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Released 11/12/07
Active Mind Studios Logo Active Mind Studios
In the Spirit of the Individual

Active Mind Studios is a one-man movie studio producing animated shorts that focuses on personal freedom, liberty, and the individual.

Reborn - one man's struggle with his realization of how power corrupts and his choice on how to deal with it - is my first animated short and was released on Nov. 12, 2007.

Including the Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook - 2001 available for purchase in a 723 pages, 5.5" x 8.5" paperback.
Active Mind Books
First They Came For…

A short ebooklet focused on the famous poem First They Came For… written by Pastor Martin Niemöller during WWII warning about the creeping tyranny of the Nazis.

Learn about the poem, it’s many variations, and the man who wrote the words.

First They…

A collection of poems inspired by the First They Came For… written by Pastor Martin Niemöller during WWII. The poem warns against the creeping nature of facism and tyranny, and the need to guard against them by defending all whose liberties are violated.

The poems on this site are based on the same structure and spirit as the original but are generally more specific in their subject matter. Most are straight-forward and serious, a few may be funny, and some have a little twist to them. All are warnings.

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Stops the arguing. Keeps the peace.

Kids' Quotas is an iPhone app that manages your child's time in any activity. Do you want to limit their video game time to 3 hours a week or make sure they spend 2 hours a week on piano? Would you like to stop the arguing and debate over whether your child has played too much or practiced not enough? Then Kids' Quotas is for you. Find out more...
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Classic reading and language instruction at your fingertips

Get all six classic McGuffey Readers plus McGuffey's Eclectic Primer and Eclectic Spelling at your fingertips. Each book is the revised edition, circa 1879, presented in its original format including tables and pictures. The app features swipe to turn the pages, working table of contents, and return to last page read in a package far less expensive than the paper books, cleaner and more convenient than the PDFs. Find out more...
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In pursuit of the mastery of words

Expand your vocabulary, extend your writing skills, enhance your speeches. Search over 15,000 useful english language phrases.
Bradley Keyes Consulting
expert software and web development services

Consulting and contracting in web site developmenet, database design and architecture, iPhone and web apps, Wordpress sites, ebook creation, and more.

With a special focus on highly interactive web sites and apps using PHP, Javascript, and the latest HTML5 capabilities.
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