Q: Why can I set a quota's time interval to 0 hrs 0 mins?
A quota with a 0 time interval will just count up with no end and no Time's Up message.

Q: I forgot to the stop the timer / My child didn't have me stop the timer and now they've 'used up' too many hours. How can I fix this?
Go to the History screen and drill down to the specific entry you'd like to fix. Touch the entry and you'll be taken to a screen with an Edit button. Touch the Edit button, then touch the End time. You'll now be able to set the End time and Save the change. The time used will now be fixed.

Q: Will Kids' Quotas pop up a message on the phone when time is done?
Yes. As of version 1.1 released on April 08, 2011 a popup message will interrupt you whenever a quota's time is up. The message will return once a minute until the quota is stopped.

Q: Will Kids' Quotas stop the iPhone / iTouch from working or lock my child out of their games once their time is up?
No. Due to security features built into the iThingies one app cannot stop or lock down other apps or the entire device. When Time's Up your child will just have to stop using the device.

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