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Background Info: Active Mind Apps is a small, independent software development business founded in 2010 by Bradley Keyes. Its current focus is on apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Bradley has over 25 years experience developing software and web sites for several companies including 3M and Minnetronix, Inc. His projects have ranged from work on vehicle tracking systems, heart-lung machine prototypes, custom internal systems used for running a medical device development company, and others.

His technical experiences include web site development, database design, Windows development, and system architecture.

He left Minnetronix, Inc. in early 2010 after working there for 15 years in order to pursue his dream of starting his own software company.
Contact Info:Bradley Keyes
Phone: 603-736-8877
Promotional Codes:Available by request
Cartoon Info:Drawn by Alexis Keyes (age 10)
Images / Icons:Images of the Kids' Quotas itself can be found on the Screenshots page.

Kids' Quotas icons are below:

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Kids' Quotas
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