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Internation Tresuare Hunters Exchange0 Star Rating

A forum for treasure hunters to freely exchange information, research and treasure hunting information. There is an offer for a free treasure hunting magazine (stuff they can't print on the Web?) Press releases and editorials are included on the site.

The On-Line Treasure Hunter0 Star Rating

Bringing the Excitement of Treasure Hunting to the World Wide Web! How to information for those interested in trying their hand at treasure hunting. Equpment information. Can also register for electronic newletter and monthly prize drawing. Includes a Treasure Hunters Directory listing of treasure hunters from around the world for the purpose of allowing the hunters to meet, interact, search, etc.

Treasure Net0 Star Rating

"A Treasure and Gold Hunting Resource Center" News, technology and information about treasure hunting. Site contains information and articles about treasure hunting and finds. There are reviews of various treasure hunting literature and information about equipment companies. There are also message areas and discussion forums.

News Groups

Usenet "alt.treasure.hunting" newsgroup0 Star Rating

A forum for discussing treasure hunting. Doesn't seem to be too active but if enough new people start to use it that may change.

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