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A UFO Bibliography0 Star Rating

from IUFOG

Internet UFO Group - Hyperlinks0 Star Rating

IUFOG0 Star Rating

This site may be an indication of things to come on the web. IUFOG is an informal group of people each writing articles and keeping track of as much UFO information as possible. Each person publishes their pages on different servers but they all have the same look and feel and links back to home. So as you browse "the site" you really are all over the globe - they call it a meta-site. Cool idea and it works. You'll find a ton of opinions and even more links. Take a look! If you want to write about UFOs they are always looking for material. The site also contains a database of sightings, where you can report them.

UFO Research : The World Wide Times0 Star Rating

UFO Stuff

News Groups

Usenet "alt.alien.research" newsgroup0 Star Rating

Usenet "alt.alien.visitors" newsgroup0 Star Rating

Supposed to be a forum for discussing alien visitation but the majority of the postings seem to be completely unrelated to the topic. Good luck.

Usenet "alt.paranet.abduct" newsgroup0 Star Rating

Usenet "alt.paranet.ufo" newsgroup0 Star Rating

Usenet "alt.paranormal.crop-circles" newsgroup0 Star Rating

A discussion of crop circles with very little activity (as of 5/31/96)

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