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  • 1832 - B.H. Hodgson reports that his porters were scared by a "wild-man" in the northern province of Nepal
  • 1889 - Major L.A. Waddell writes about mysterious footprints in the snow at 17,000 feet in the Himalayas. His porters told him they were from the Yeti.
  • 1924 - Siege of Ape Canyon - several bigfoots attack mining camp for over span of days
  • 1925 - 1st record of 1st hand sighting. N.A. Tombazi sees a clothless human-like figure from 300 yards away foraging through the buses. The figure walked upright. Location Zemu Glacier at 15,000 feet.
  • 1951 - Eric Shipton takes picture of Yeti footprint in the snow while climbing Mount Everest. Location Menlung Glacier at 18,000 feet
  • 1958 - Logger Jerry Crew is one of the first to make a cast of Bigfoot footprint
  • 1960 - Hillary Expedition uncovers fake Yeti scalp and "footprints" that were the result of melted snow. This expedition cooled the interest in Yeti.
  • 1967 - Roger Patterson captures a female Bigfoot on film
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