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Could he see the future?

Born in the early 16th century, Nostradamus has become one of the world's most widely known and read prophets.

His poetic yet cryptic quatrains are claimed by some to conceal information about future events. He completed a total of 942 quatrains which he organized into Centuries - groups of 100 quatrains (one Century only had 42 quatrains).

Do these writings actually predict the death of popes, rise of tyrants, and natural catastrophes to come?

Read his prophecies, hear the arguments, and decide for yourself.




  • Biography of Nostradamus
  • What's a Quatrain? - most of the predictions of Nostradamus were in the form of quatrains. Find out exactly what they were.
  • Nostradamus Prophecy Search - dynamically search all 10 of Nostradamus' Centuries for your choice of terms
  • Intel Pentium Bug Prediction - Would you like to see a brilliant interpretation of one of Nostradamus' quatrains? It "proves" one of two things - either Nostradamus was even more insightful than imagined or the quatrains are obscure enough that they can be interpreted to predict any occurrence.
  • Nostradamus and 2012 - read about any links between Nostradamus' prophecies and the year 2012


  • Timeline - important dates in the life and death of Nostradamus.


  • Mediagraphy - lists and reviews of books, magazines, videos, etc. on Nostradamus and related topics
  • Links - lists and reviews of on-line sources of information about Nostradamus and related topics
  • Contacts - people and organizations involved with Nostradamus and related topics


  • 1503 - Born - Michel de Nostredame in St. Remy, France on December 14.
  • 1534 - Married for the first time. Shortly thereafter he lost his wife and two children to the plague.
  • 1554 - Married Anne Ponsart Gemelle in town of Salon, France
  • 1555 - Nostradamus published his first set of 100 quatrains.
  • 1566 - Died - July 2.
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