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What crashed at Roswell in 1947?

On the night of July 2nd in 1947 something crashed into desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico. Soon after, the military closed off the area. The first announcement made by the military was that a flying saucer had crashed. Quickly after this first announcement the story was changed - what was thought to have been a flying saucer was in reality a weather balloon.

The episode was mostly forgotten until 1970 when Jesse Marcel, the major involved with the recovery of the crash, announced that the military's claim that the object was a weather balloon was a lie. Since the announcement, Marcel and dozens of others have maintained that the crashed vehicle was not a weather balloon, that actual alien bodies were recovered, and that they were all threatened into silence.

What really happened almost 50 years ago in Roswell? Read some of the accounts for yourself. See the facts, the exaggerations, and the lies. What do you think crashed?



  • Where in world is Roswell? - see exactly where in New Mexico the crash took place
  • The Roswell Declaration - sign an online petition to get the US Government to fully disclose all information concerning the Roswell crash. This is a world-wide petition, it is not limited to the US.


  • Mediagraphy - lists and reviews of books, magazines, videos, etc. on Roswell and related topics
  • Links - lists and reviews of on-line sources of information about Roswell and related topics
  • Contacts - people and organizations involved with Roswell and related topics


  • 1947 - July 2 - a rancher named Mac Brazel hears a loud crash during the night near Corona, New Mexico
  • 1947 - July 3 - Mac Brazel discovers crash debris
  • 1947 - July 6 - Max Brazel shows Roswell sherrif pieces of debris
  • 1947 - July 7 - Military, including Major Jesse Marcel visit crash site and retrieve some fo the debris
  • 1947 - July 8 - Brazel taken into custody for questioning. A second crash site is supposed to be found with alien bodies
  • 1947 - July 9 - military announce the crashed vehicle was a weather balloon
  • 1970 - Jesse Marcel came public stating that the weather balloon announcement had been a cover-up
  • 1995 - Roswell alien's "Alien Autopsy" film is published
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