I’m an electrical engineer by degree, a software writer by trade. Since my introduction to a Commodore Pet computer in the 6th grade, I’ve loved computers, engineering, and programming, I also love video games that I play with the use of csgo boosting services online. I grew up reading every issue of Discover magazine and tons of science fiction.

INFO System Brochure

INFO System Brochure

In the mid-90’s, I worked at 3M on a project called the 3M INFO (INtegrated Fleet Operations) System. The INFO system was a fleet management system for metro transit authorities. It involved a suite of Windows applications (my primary responsibility) for scheduling, tracking, mapping, and reporting of all bus locations and statuses. This was accomplished by the the installation of remote computers on each bus containing an integrated GPS, cell phone, and wireless LAN. Each remote computer periodically communicated back its location to a central server at the transit center.

The system was designed, prior to the Internet, at a time when GPS and cell modules were not commonplace.  Licenses for the mapping software were VERY expensive (ie: thousands of dollars per license) – nothing like the free Google maps of today.

During the ‘dot-com’ boom and bust, I worked for about a year at a start-up company developing a system (database and web site) intended to help companies track intellectual property, both theirs and their competitors’.  Like many others, the company collapsed due to timing, money, and internal conflict between founders and funding providers.

The majority of my professional experience was with Minnetronix, Inc. providing product design, development and manufacturing services to the medical device and life science marketplaces.  Minnetronix specializes in custom electronic, mechanical and software engineering for Class II and III medical devices ranging from cardiovascular and monitoring systems, therapeutic and implantable devices, and diagnostic instruments.

I worked there for over 13 years, both as a contractor and full-time employee. The last 10 years were exclusively in IT architecting and designing the internal quality and manufacturing software systems needed to manage the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1

Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1

Early on at Minnetronix I worked on a prototype to a touch screen interface to the Sarns heart-lung machine (Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1). This was a revolutionary advance, taking heart-lung machines from a large, monolithic device to a collection of individual, configurable devices on a high-speed, reliable network all talking to a central touch-screen control center.

Additionally, I believe that I am the only person to create a fully-functioning simulation of a network-based heart-lung machine in Perl-for testing uses only.

For the past year and half, I have been doing consulting work, as well as, developing my own software and website businesses.


  • US #5,752,931 – Perfusion System with Perfusion Circuit Display
  • US #5,602,739 – Vehicle tracking system incorporating traffic signal preemption

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