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The State of New Hampshire Liberty Report – 2033

This thought was prompted by a forum post titled What will New Hamphire be like in 20 or 30 years? by Seth Cohen on the Free State Project forums. MAKE SURE IT’s the RIGHT TENSE – write it as if … Continue reading

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Another Strike-The-Root Column – Secret Terror Script Leaked

Today I posted more articles on Strike-The-Root as the Friday editor. I also got my second Strike-The-Root column published Secret Terror Script Leaked. People may go into supportive resurgence behavioral health who are preparing for or leaving intensive residential treatment but require … Continue reading

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My First Strike-The-Root Column

Today I posted more articles on Strike-The-Root as the Friday editor. I also got my first Strike-The-Root column published Harming the Cause For Liberty. It’s about a pet-peeve of mine regarding the use of the word harm when describing a … Continue reading

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Liberty Festival Calendar

Are you a liberty lover looking to gather with like minded people? Are you curious about the concepts of personal rights and independence? Would you like to spend a day, weekend, or week in an environment and with people that … Continue reading

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I’m The New Strike-The-Root Friday Editor

I’ve been reading Strike-The-Root for years. It’s one of the leading liberty related web sites on the web. Starting today, I’ll be the guest editor for Fridays. I’ll be the person responsible for the links and summaries posted to the … Continue reading

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Mr. Hunter – The First Chapter and The Course of Empire – Review

The first installment of the weekly Art of Liberty series. What do you get when you combine passionate music, thoughtful lyrics, a beautiful voice, a series of paintings from the early 1800s, Austrian Economics, a bit of jazz, bluegrass, classical … Continue reading

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