Liberty Festival Calendar

Are you a liberty lover looking to gather with like minded people?

Are you curious about the concepts of personal rights and independence?

Would you like to spend a day, weekend, or week in an environment and with people that will give you a taste of what it might be like to live in a truly free society?

Are you looking for debate, education, inspiration?

Join with others at one of the growing list of Liberty Festivals that are popping up around the country.

Here you’ll find a collection of all of the Liberty related festivals, gatherings, and conferences of which I’m aware.

Upcoming Liberty Festivals

If you know of one that should be added just add a comment to this page. I’ll check into it and add it to the list if it looks appropriate.

What’s appropriate?

Any conference, open gathering, or festival whose primary purpose is the promotion and/or celebration of liberty. I’m looking for events that embrace all aspects of liberty. I’m not looking for events that are single topic focused (i.e.: pro-second amendment, legalizing drugs, antiwar). I strongly support each of those, and other, efforts – they just don’t fit with the idea for this list.

I’ll err on the side of inclusiveness. If you have some criticism of an entry on the list, please add a thoughtful comment to the entry informing others of your concerns.

Again, for any event you think should be on the list but isn’t please add a comment to this page.

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Hope to see you each at one of the upcoming events.


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